HUGE Update!

Yea yea…I say this about every other post or so…I haven’t been on in a while…life happened…yadda yadda. So I’m going to cut to the update.

I’m starting culinary school!!!! I start October 15th at Lincoln Culinary. I am so excited! So I will be posting pictures and all that. woohoo! 🙂

There isn’t really much else to update you on…life has been life. My birthday is next week so I will be doing my birthday coupons posts again. The only one I have used so far was my 15% off at hot topic. I bought a wallet that also holds my phone. It’s ridiculous.
Kitties in hats…always amazing!!

Well that’s about it for now. I’ve been really busy recently so I apologize for my lack of posts. I hope to post way more often!

As always, comments and suggestions always welcome!


The name might have changed, but I’m still awesome!!

Hey! So, after mulling it around in my head and reading and re-reading my blog, I decided to change the name of my blog. This was supposed to be a cooking blog, but it seems I pretty much talk about anything interesting. Yes…I’m mostly about cooking and food, but it’s like my blog has taken on a mind of its own and has turned in to this way more awesome thing that I have grown to love. If I had more free time to post and wasn’t sick all of the time, I might even have more friends Readers.

So…I hope this name change does not upset any of you because I am still all kinds of awesome over here…If that’s what your opinion was in the first place. If not then I am still the same level of suck I was before the name change. Either way…

Carry on!