Impromptu post…

Ok…my bad…it has been a little while since my last post, but I went and got the flu. I know, I know…how could I. I mean…I work in retail…I should know better than to be licking my customers!!

Anyway…This post is not really anything at all. It’s just me…talking…about…me.
I have made a few discoveries recently that I felt like sharing and If I remember and have some time tonight before my forced, early bedtime for work…I WILL post a recipe.

Here are my recent discoveries:

1. Eggs
Allow me to explain. I HATE breakfast. It has always, quite literally, made me ill. I have digestive issues and have since I was a child, so eating first thing is not such a good thing for me. In the last few days, however, I have had some trouble sleeping. I am also, battling some “I’m fat” demons and have put on 30 lbs in the past 3 years. Those two things combined prompted me to make breakfast one morning and I was craving eggs like whoa! Ironically…Alton Brown just happened to be doing his Eggs episode. I watched as he caressed the hell out of those scrambled eggs. You can’t even call them scrambled. It’s more like delicately folded eggs. They. Are. So. Freaking. Good. So, do your self a favor…at about 73 calories a piece…eat some eggs!

You know you are so jealous of my Lion King mug right now...

You know you are so jealous of my Lion King mug right now…

2. Entenmann’s Chocolate Donut Coffee
Sounds totally sick, right? I wasn’t sure at first, but then I was like OMG! what is this heaven that’s in my mouth?! It doesn’t taste like mocha coffee. It literally tastes like after you dunk one of their chocolate covered donuts in your coffee. Minus those squishy, cake particles of course. Either way…it’s worth your time to go try some.

So Good!!

So Good!!

3. Expensive cookbooks for next to no money

My boyfriend’s mom swears by going to the Goodwill and consignment shops for her cookbooks. That IS a bargain, yes, but I find that the recipe ideas are always a little out dated. There is never, anything wrong with the books. Recipes themselves do not expire, but they go out of style. Also, some times ingredients do become hard to find over time. Cooking styles have also changed drastically since the 50’s which is what you usually find, that and the 70’s, at those stores. Well…I found a great alternative! Ocean State Job Lot!! I don’t know if they are country wide and if not then I am so sorry for you. I have bought some very nice cookbooks over the years from them for very, very little money, but never really thought about it. It was usually kitschy stuff like the Vampire Cookbook I found there over the summer. Last night, however, I found the holy grail, so to speak, of cookbooks. A very popular food blog, periodical and online magazine: Bon Appe’tit has hard cover cookbooks apparently! I found both. Usually $34.99 each…I paid $7.99. It might not be so amazing to those of you that do not share my relationship with cookbooks, but I literally have an orgasm every time I see some interesting cookbook. This is especially true if it’s either inexpensive, a specialty cookbook or, like previously stated, kitschy. Another somewhat decent place to look…is T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s and Home Goods, but they are pretty touch and go with that.

My amazing discoveries!!

My amazing discoveries!!

Now that my discoveries section is done…here is my “I plan to do this” list.

1. Quit smoking

I know that 99% of the people that read this blog do not know squat about me, but I am a half a pack a day smoker. I have been smoking since I was about 14 years old. 11 years of smoking has done a lot of damage on me. It’s time to quit. I did the math yesterday. 1 year of buying 5 pack a week for 52 weeks…I spend over $2400.00 That’s a car payment, or a new camera, or a mini vacation, or cute clothes, or a laptop or my back tattoo!! Enough is enough.

2. Lose 20 pounds

This is another thing that you wouldn’t be able to judge/know unless you knew me. No one, but my doctor agrees with me and that is fine. Weight is a hard subject for most and a difficult thing to understand. The most fit looking person could be the most unhealthy and the fattest person could be the most fit. Health is not all visual. That is something people forget. I have large hips, broad shoulders and a pretty wide rib cage. Weight can hide on me. I may not look like I could lose 20 lbs, but I can and I should. I am medically over weight. I’m not looking to be a super model or to strut my shit down the beach like some Baywatch bimbo…I just want to be healthy and happy. I’m not trying to impress anyone, but my self either.

3. Go to Culinary School

I love cooking, that is quite obvious. Why not get paid for it? I want to go back to school! I can get a real job, get the hell out of retail and start my adult life instead of still being stuck in High School! I’m sort of pushing 30…it’s time to start my life! I plan to take a food science class as well because I need a challenge.

All 3 of these tie together…

No one will want food that tastes like cigarettes, so there is that. If I don’t learn to take control of my weight now it will just get worse with culinary school. Chefs tend to taste all of their food AND eat 2,000 calorie meals a day. That’s why you see a lot of fat chefs…I don’t want that to be me!! So…I think that I can learn to cook healthy and maybe help some people.


My ultimate goal?


That would be awesome! Maybe one day, but one step at a time for now. I’m not old so I still have time. Thanks for reading!

Leave comments…any and all are welcome!