What’s your guilty childhood pleasure?

I went to Target today to grab a few things and as a ritual, I ALWAYS go to that little collection of $1-3 items section near the front of the store. I was just browsing, sort of looking for Easter hair bows to wear to work since that is my dorky festive thing I do and then I saw them.


Look at all the awesome

Look at all the awesome

    I had to have all of it! There was no doubt in my mind that it all had to come home with me today. I even made up excuses in my head as to why I must have these things. My best friend is having her first child…she was due on St. Pats and still waiting. I thought of her first. Grabbed one of each of the three items for her. Of course! She can put them in her diaper bag! You see…her and I bonded as children over our love obsession for the Lion King. Anyway, I picked up a notebook for my self…this can go in my car…I mean, who doesn’t need to write crap down? Amiright? Then came the activity pack. Why would I need this at 25 years old? Well…I have a doctors appointment tomorrow with god knows how long of a “waiting in the office” period ahead of me and an MRI next week so it seemed justified. Then the last item…the item of all items…the sticker pack! This was the Holy Grail of Lion King items. Stickers make any item instantly a Lion King thingy! I thought to my self “What can I do with these?” Really? What CAN’T I do with these?! Stick them to my phone case, scrapbook, stick them to my nephew, stick them to be niece to be, stick them to my cat…the possibilities are truly endless! There was really no choice here…it was beyond my control. My wallet wanted to be opened and my dollar bills begged me to be spent. What is done is done!

So…WordPress peeps…What is your favorite guilty childhood pleasure that you still enjoy as an adult?