The name might have changed, but I’m still awesome!!

Hey! So, after mulling it around in my head and reading and re-reading my blog, I decided to change the name of my blog. This was supposed to be a cooking blog, but it seems I pretty much talk about anything interesting. Yes…I’m mostly about cooking and food, but it’s like my blog has taken on a mind of its own and has turned in to this way more awesome thing that I have grown to love. If I had more free time to post and wasn’t sick all of the time, I might even have more friends Readers.

So…I hope this name change does not upset any of you because I am still all kinds of awesome over here…If that’s what your opinion was in the first place. If not then I am still the same level of suck I was before the name change. Either way…

Carry on! 


2 thoughts on “The name might have changed, but I’m still awesome!!

  1. Joanna Ruiz says:

    A great blog, actually. I have had one on Blogger for a long time that I recently turned into a Book Blog. I never tried wordpress, but it seems like a pretty nice set up.

    I love the layout, title and all of your pictures. It’s nice to feel like I’m catching up a bit after having seemingly missed so much. ❤

    • Heh well thank you Miss Joanna. I appreciate it. I’m surprised at how many followers I already have. You’re only the second commenter, but still…I have quite the audience lol Where is your blog located?

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