Friendly’s free single scoop!

My boyfriend and I actually went out on September 5th for this, but I got abducted by velociraptors so I couldn’t exactly post this on time. Ok, no…I was just lazy and full of Birthday goodness. Any who. The coupon was One free single cone with any purchase so we went out on an ice cream date. I had Vienna mocha chunk. Mmmmm…coffee and chocolate is AMAZING!! Chris had Purely Pistachio…Until it got in his mustache. I, of course, had to make the joke that now he was eating mustachio ice cream lol. Either way it was a very fun, inexpensive date. I did take photos this time!! 😀 I do have more coupons that don’t expire until October 6th so there will definitely be way more to come and I do have plans to make some Amish white bread this week. Until then…enjoy these crazy ice cream photos!!

Vienna Mocha Chunk

Purely Mustachio err um Pistachio


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