Pizza Hut Free Order of Cinnamon Sticks with Online Purchase

I used my Pizza Hut coupon today. Me, my mother and my boyfriend ordered that new BIG box from pizza hut. Let me tell you, too. much. food. It comes with two medium pizzas, an order of bread sticks and your choice of buffalo wings, tuscani pasta or something called pizza rolls? We went with Chicken Alfredo Tuscani Pasta. For a limited time it also comes with a free 2 liter of mountain dew or pepsi…I went with the mountain dew. All this for 20$ On top of this I had my coupon for the free cinnamon sticks. I guess I was the very first person to order the big box from that particular location because they were in shock. Anyway…I had not eaten all day long. Due to my hunger I forgot to take a picture. I have, for your viewing pleasure, some stupid stock photos lol

This is what we had except we had Chicken Alfredo instead of wings and onion pizza instead of pepperoni

This was my Birthday Surprise from Pizza Hut. They care, they really really care!










Gotta show ya everything lol Mountain Dew is the nectar of the gods! If anyone disagrees I will cut you!! lol

I really need to slow down on these coupons. At the rate I’m going I’ll way 500 pounds by the time September is over with! I have a Brides maids dress I have to fit in come september 29th…what am I doing to my self? lol I guess I should brush the dust off of my Supreme 90 day work out dvds and put down the fork after my Birthday week. Ugh! I’m on new migraine medication too. Topamax is supposed to cause weight loss. Average if 15 lbs. I doubt I shall be so lucky. Since I started last week…I’ve been eating like crazy!! I up my dose this week…come on magic fat burning migraine pill fairies…DO YOUR STUFF!!


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