Royal Buffet Date w. my Boyfriend


Ok…My boyfriend of 3 years, Christopher, and I went to Royal Buffet today in Waterbury, CT. We had an excellent time…until the bill came that is. I was expecting maybe 20 – 25$ for 2 people. 34$ and a 2$ tip later. *Sigh* It’s times like now I wish it was easier to quit smoking. In the end it was more important that we had a great time and spent some us time together. Screw the money…Can’t take it with you when you die!

The food was good and there was a huge variety. I will give them that. The best part was getting to feed to koi fish for .25 cents. It’s very pretty in there and the waitresses are very, very nice, BUT the cost is just outrageous! I love my boyfriend and would do anything for him, but next time…we are going to the Lotus Blossom! I eat there with my bestie, Brenda, frequently. The food is decent, but they have a smaller selection. The price is only 8$. Nice and cheap! Although, driving to Torrington eats a lot of gas. lol

Either way I had a very awesome time with my boyfriend today. Please enjoy photos from our date!


Yep…me scarfing the delicious Chinese food 🙂

This was a giant mural next to our table

Chris finally got to eat all the shellfish he wanted. I’m very allergic to shellfish so he’s always too afraid to order it when we get take-out. He was very excited to eat some shrimp.


My Chinese Zodic

1987 – Luckiest of all signs…When does my luck start?


Chris’s Zodiac – 1985


Chris feeding the koi fish


It’s me!!


These are some big ass fish!


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