Beer Cookies…or wait…Are they muffins?

So my friend Dave was graduating from college. He wanted to have a bbq and as a rule I always bring something to eat with me. So, all my friends are beer drinkers and they LOVE Sam Adams. I went “How can I incorporate beer and sweets? *Ding* BEER COOKIES!” So I went to google and typed in Beer Cookie Recipes. This is what I worked from:

I was pretty worried after reading the reviews, but I’m not about to doubt myself with my cooking skills, so I ventured on. As I started making the batter I realized it was incredibly thin. I got scared. So, I decided to use half all purpose and half wheat flour instead of just 2 cups of all purpose. I thought this might make it a little more dense. I was wrong. I thought to my self “What do I do? The bbq is tomorrow and I have no back up plan! Hmmm…what type of food has runny batter? MUFFINS!” After adding chocolate chips to cut down on the hoppy flavor I pulled out the muffin tin, poured in the batter, threw it in the oven and crossed my fingers. The smell was intoxicating! I waited and waited, praying they would be delicious. Then the timer went off.

I pulled out the muffins. The hardest part was waiting for them to cool because I was soo nervous. Then it happened…I put one in my mouth and never looked back. They were so amazing! I was so proud of myself.

I brought them to Daves’ Cookout with my head held high. I passed them out to my friends. I watched them as they examined this new dessert asking me who would think of this. I got nervous again. Jim went first…he bit in to it and almost cried over the deliciousness. Then every one followed suit…raving about how amazing they were! I have been asked to make them again. I used Samuel Adams Boston Lager for that batch…next time I’m gonna use Samuel Adams Octoberfest. I can’t wait!

Greatest dessert evar!


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