A Fancy Introduction…

Ok…Please bare with me here. I have never done a blog…ever. Unless you count those silly MySpace blogs, that honestly were nothing more than a public diary. So, yes…blog…me…never. Maybe I’m not funny, maybe I’m not the least bit entertaining, but I’m an awesome photographer, a pretty good artist and a damn good cook! I just hope that in time you too, will agree.

I hope to post recipes I have tried and tell you if I enjoyed them and how I made them better. I also will be posting my personal photographs with “assignments” that you may use for inspiration. I love to see other peoples works of art. Craft tutorials are definitely in the cards as well.

If there is a recipe you want me to try or attempt to spruce up…be my guest! and suggest it. Suggestions are awesome! Please note I’m terribly allergic to shell fish and most fish fish. Hmm…fish fish…it sounds funny, but if I said real fish then I would be implying there were such a thing as fake fish. Huh

When it comes to photography…Suggestions? Assignments? YES PLEASE!! That’s another thing I love. Giving me a topic really helps me out and gets me excited.
I also hike…A LOT! So when I post a photo…there will be some crazy story attached to it lol

So…the long and short, I really hope you enjoy my blog!! 🙂


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