Beer Cookies…or wait…Are they muffins?

So my friend Dave was graduating from college. He wanted to have a bbq and as a rule I always bring something to eat with me. So, all my friends are beer drinkers and they LOVE Sam Adams. I went “How can I incorporate beer and sweets? *Ding* BEER COOKIES!” So I went to google and typed in Beer Cookie Recipes. This is what I worked from:

I was pretty worried after reading the reviews, but I’m not about to doubt myself with my cooking skills, so I ventured on. As I started making the batter I realized it was incredibly thin. I got scared. So, I decided to use half all purpose and half wheat flour instead of just 2 cups of all purpose. I thought this might make it a little more dense. I was wrong. I thought to my self “What do I do? The bbq is tomorrow and I have no back up plan! Hmmm…what type of food has runny batter? MUFFINS!” After adding chocolate chips to cut down on the hoppy flavor I pulled out the muffin tin, poured in the batter, threw it in the oven and crossed my fingers. The smell was intoxicating! I waited and waited, praying they would be delicious. Then the timer went off.

I pulled out the muffins. The hardest part was waiting for them to cool because I was soo nervous. Then it happened…I put one in my mouth and never looked back. They were so amazing! I was so proud of myself.

I brought them to Daves’ Cookout with my head held high. I passed them out to my friends. I watched them as they examined this new dessert asking me who would think of this. I got nervous again. Jim went first…he bit in to it and almost cried over the deliciousness. Then every one followed suit…raving about how amazing they were! I have been asked to make them again. I used Samuel Adams Boston Lager for that batch…next time I’m gonna use Samuel Adams Octoberfest. I can’t wait!

Greatest dessert evar!


Royal Buffet Date w. my Boyfriend


Ok…My boyfriend of 3 years, Christopher, and I went to Royal Buffet today in Waterbury, CT. We had an excellent time…until the bill came that is. I was expecting maybe 20 – 25$ for 2 people. 34$ and a 2$ tip later. *Sigh* It’s times like now I wish it was easier to quit smoking. In the end it was more important that we had a great time and spent some us time together. Screw the money…Can’t take it with you when you die!

The food was good and there was a huge variety. I will give them that. The best part was getting to feed to koi fish for .25 cents. It’s very pretty in there and the waitresses are very, very nice, BUT the cost is just outrageous! I love my boyfriend and would do anything for him, but next time…we are going to the Lotus Blossom! I eat there with my bestie, Brenda, frequently. The food is decent, but they have a smaller selection. The price is only 8$. Nice and cheap! Although, driving to Torrington eats a lot of gas. lol

Either way I had a very awesome time with my boyfriend today. Please enjoy photos from our date!


Yep…me scarfing the delicious Chinese food 🙂

This was a giant mural next to our table

Chris finally got to eat all the shellfish he wanted. I’m very allergic to shellfish so he’s always too afraid to order it when we get take-out. He was very excited to eat some shrimp.


My Chinese Zodic

1987 – Luckiest of all signs…When does my luck start?


Chris’s Zodiac – 1985


Chris feeding the koi fish


It’s me!!


These are some big ass fish!

My attempt at Skinny Alfredo sauce over pasta with Chicken Sausage…

A few nights ago I stumbled up on this recipe: Hungry Hannah’s Skinny Alfredo Sauce on top Emily’s Chicken Sausage and Kale Pasta

I decided to try it. Now, I HATE all kinds of sausage so this was a bit more daring for me to try than for most people. I mostly did it for my boyfriend lol

I did do it a bit differently than the recipe says….

I DID buy a Shallot at Price Chopper the day I made this recipe, but when I went to cut in to it…it was completely rotten. Normally I would have gone back to Price Chopper and knocked some bitches out because it is entirely their fault I received a rotten Shallot (Sarcasm), but I didn’t feel like driving for a mere .99 cents. So…I used a white Onion.

I’m also not partial to Kale…not a sea weed fan so I just didn’t even put any in it. KALE

I didn’t use fresh Parmesan. I used the loose, shaky, pizza topping kind. I do not recommend using that. Get the shredded stuff. I only used it because that’s what I had.

I also added a sprinkle of garlic powder in addition to minced. I think it adds to it…you may not feel this way. If you do put too much Garlic powder…add sugar. It will cut back on the bite of the Garlic.

I used the same brand of Chicken Sausage…In CT that seems to be the only brand you can get here anyway. I used Light Italian the first time I made it. Good, but kinda meh. The second time I made this I used the Roasted Garlic flavor and OMFG! BEST THING I HAVE EVER PUT IN MY MOUTH…EVAR!! And that’s coming from someone who hates sausage.

So, over all, myself and my boyfriend have decided this is spectacular enough to go in our rolling menu. (Rolling menu is a collection of recipes I make frequently)

My version of Skinny Alfredo Sauce over Emily’s Chicken Sausage and Kale Pasta

Well, that’s that. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did. I plan on making it again really soon. That’s how yummy it is. Let me know how you like it and what changes you made.

A Fancy Introduction…

Ok…Please bare with me here. I have never done a blog…ever. Unless you count those silly MySpace blogs, that honestly were nothing more than a public diary. So, yes…blog…me…never. Maybe I’m not funny, maybe I’m not the least bit entertaining, but I’m an awesome photographer, a pretty good artist and a damn good cook! I just hope that in time you too, will agree.

I hope to post recipes I have tried and tell you if I enjoyed them and how I made them better. I also will be posting my personal photographs with “assignments” that you may use for inspiration. I love to see other peoples works of art. Craft tutorials are definitely in the cards as well.

If there is a recipe you want me to try or attempt to spruce up…be my guest! and suggest it. Suggestions are awesome! Please note I’m terribly allergic to shell fish and most fish fish. Hmm…fish fish…it sounds funny, but if I said real fish then I would be implying there were such a thing as fake fish. Huh

When it comes to photography…Suggestions? Assignments? YES PLEASE!! That’s another thing I love. Giving me a topic really helps me out and gets me excited.
I also hike…A LOT! So when I post a photo…there will be some crazy story attached to it lol

So…the long and short, I really hope you enjoy my blog!! 🙂